Emerald Island Resort - Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures

Emerald Island Resort is a gated resort style community with a tropical setting and is intended to provide guests with a tropical clear and special sense of place during their vacation while visiting one of the many attractions of Orlando and central Florida. We at Emerald Island Rentals want our guests to have a clear understanding of what the community and its surroundings will be like during their vacation. The following discussion is meant to enhance your understanding so that you are able to better plan your vacation in Emerald Island Resort. Further, these are resort policies, procedures, and guidelines and are not villa specific terms and conditions. Please refer to Emerald Island Resort Rental Booking Form for specific terms and conditions associated with our villa rentals. We hope the following guidelines will enhance your understanding of what you can expect when you rent one of our luxury Orlando vacation homes in Emerald Island Resort.

The following are some of the rules/regulations/guidelines and are not necessarily complete. Please follow posted signs and any additional guidelines that you receive when you check-in at Emerald Island Resort Clubhouse during your stay. The Resort has the right to reasonably amend them at any time and the following is not to be taken as an absolute list but aid in the general understanding of what the Resort expects from the guests and visitors.

  1. Guests arriving for the first time must stop at the Guard Gate and provide identification and the address of the villa where they will be staying at. We at Emerald Island Rentals provide the address of the villa with a confirmed reservation.
  2. All guests are required to obtain a Parking Permit and Gate Pass during normal business hours from the Club House by submitting a Guest Registration form.
  3. Parking Permit and Gate Pass must be displayed clearly on the dashboard of the vehicle at all times while in the resort. You can download Guest Registration form from our Emerald Island Resort Guest Information page.
  4. Each vehicle must have its own pass including any visitors who will be visiting guests.
  5. No trailers, RVs, campers, buses (including church buses) or the like are permitted within the resort and will be towed immediately if found on property at the risk and expense of the vehicle owners. This applies to any vehicles requiring CDL (Commercial Driving License) as well.
  6. As a general rule, any vehicle that can't be fully contained in one standard parking space may not be allowed in the resort. If you have any questions about the types of vehicles that are allowed to be parked, please call the Club House at 407-787-3965.
  7. Villa Owners are not responsible for any vehicles that are deemed ineligible to be parked in the resort by the Resort Home Owners Association.
  8. Clubhouse facilities including Gym, Internet Cafe, free WiFi, Meeting room and Arcade are available from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm daily to all registered guests.
  9. Emerald Island Resort has two pool facilities available to all registered guests. The main pool is off of the Clubhouse and the other one is among the townhomes. Access to the pool near townhomes is possible through a gate that has an access code which can be obtained from the Clubhouse or Guardhouse.
  10. Principle elements of Emerald Island Resort include natural environmental elements such as walking trails, water fountains, conservation areas, and wildlife. Please do not approach, feed or otherwise disturb the wildlife. While pretty to see, some of the wildlife may be dangerous.
  11. Please report any problems with wildlife to the Association Manager in the Clubhouse. This includes snakes, hogs, raccoons and alligators, all of which can be found on the Resort. They will then make arrangements to humanely deal with the individual situations.
  12. Please follow all posted signs and speed limits while driving in the resort community.
  13. Please park in the driveway when possible. Additionally, guests can park street side. Please - Park on the even side of the house numbers during even months and odd house number during odd months (Only applicable for street parking).
  14. Do not park on grass as it causes underground utility pipes and sprinkler heads to break and cause damages and inconvenience to all guests.
  15. Guests can leave unopened non-perishable food that is not required in their vacation home on the counter. Alternately they can leave it at the clubhouse for Either way it is donated to the needy.
  16. Emerald Island Resort promotes recycling program and strongly encourages all guests to recycle all recyclables by placing them in the specially marked container. This includes cardboard, glass, paper, plastic and metal items which can be placed loosely in the Yellow top container. Club House personnel will move these containers to the curbside on Thursday for a pickup on Friday. They will also move the containers back to the side of the home immediately after the pickup. Guests do not have to move the containers back and forth. We ask that you place all recyclable items in the containers on or before Thursday.
  17. Regular trash must be properly bagged and disposed of in the Trash bins. Club House personnel will move these containers to the curbside on Sunday for a pickup on Monday. They will also move the containers back to the side of the home immediately after the pickup. Guests do not have to move the containers back and forth. We ask that you place all trash in the containers on or before Sunday.
  18. Please take large items or excess trash that will not fit into the bins to the compactor near the tennis courts. Please avoid using compactor during later evening hours so as not to disturb the guests in the close proximity.
  19. If you are a guest staying in one of the townhomes, trash will be picked-up from the bench in the porch from Mon-Sat. Please place trash in the trash bench in the morning and not at night to discourage wildlife from getting to the trash. Please take excess trash to the compactor near the tennis courts. All trash must be in bags. There is no recycling for the townhomes, sorry.
  20. All pets must be on a leash and you must pick up after your pet (s) There are six dog stations around the Resort. Please note that all homes rented by Emerald Island Rentals are pet-free.
  21. Emerald Island Resort has 'Quiet Hours' from 11.00 pm to 7.00 am. Violation to this will be dealt with by the local Sheriff department. Guests are reminded to consider the presence of neighbors at all times.
  22. Erection of temporary or permanent structures in the private lawns or common areas is strictly prohibited.