Pool Heat Option for Orlando Vacation Homes

Pool Heat Option for Orlando Vacation Homes – Florida Travel Advise

If you are looking for a great Orlando Florida pool home for your next vacation one of the key decisions you will make is whether or not to opt for the pool and/or spa heat for your vacation home/villa.  When you rent any Orlando Florida pool homes, as a standard the pool and/spa is not heated. This gives renters control of their options and thereby costs.

As a renter if you are undecided on whether or not the pool and/or spa heating options are to be taken, we hope this article gives you some direction.

Should I opt for pool heating at my Orlando Florida villa?

The decision on whether or not you should opt for the pool heat option is based on two factors. The first factor is the direction of the pool. Orlando Florida south-facing pools are generally warmer than pools that face any other direction and are preferred as explained at Orlando Florida South facing pool villas. The second factor that influences the pool heat option is the month you are traveling. As a rule of thumb, we strongly encourage our Orlando Florida guests to opt for the pool heat option for the first and last three months of the year (i.e. Oct-Mar). If you are traveling in the months of September or April, you may want to consider the pool heat option by reviewing the weather as it gets closer to your arrival date. If the temperatures are 70s or below, do take the pool heat option. Remember, the pool temperature is several degrees cooler than the air temperature. In addition, do consider the overnight low temperatures as that’s when the pool gets really cold and the day time temperatures may not be adequate to heat the water to keep it comfortable for you.

Should I opt for spa heating at my Orlando Florida villa?

When you rent a home that has spa, the decision on whether or not you want the spa to be heated is pretty easy to make. Guests take the spa heating option irrelevant of the month they are traveling if they want to soak in the spa. This is a great way to de-stress yourself a after a busy day at the Orlando area theme parks and water parks. The spa heats up to 102 F. Spa is generally a very significant upgrade for the owners and not all Florida villas may give you this option. We offer three luxury villas in Emerald Island Orlando –  (Disney Magic, 7 bed villa , Emerald Magic, 6 bed villa and Tropical Magic, 6 bed villa) that have a spa in addition to the pool.

If you decide to opt for the pool and/or spa heat option….

If you decide to take the pool and/or spa heat option, one advise we have for you is to have the heat option for the entire stay though it may sound like a marketing ploy for you (*).  By opting for the pool heating for your entire stay, you can enjoy the pool as and when you desire.  Based on the external temperatures, Orlando area pools do take a while (1-2 days) to heat to desired temperatures.  And always remember to cover the pool blanket when the pool is not in use as this preserves the heat.

* Electricity costs are so high these days, owners barely break-even electricity and operating costs arising out of pool/spa heat option.

Here is what our past guest Renee from Waterford, WI had to say on May 04, 2011:

“We heated the pool and spa for the first 4 days. While the pool stayed warm (approx. 87 degrees) we did miss having the heat in the spa the last few days and would pay for the heat the whole week next time.”

Read her complete review along with many other reviews on our Emerald Island Resort Reviews page.


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