Questions to ask before reserving a vacation rental

We recommend asking (6) questions before making your accommodation selection.

Does the vacation property have easy/Self-Check-In?
The worst experience your family can go through on an Orlando vacation is checking in at one place and then having to drive 30 minutes or more to reach your accommodation. If your key doesn’t work you have to drive back across town, and it can get worse if the office is closed for the night and then doesn’t reopen until the next morning. While it is common at most vacation rentals in Orlando to have property management off-site, most vacation rentals offer self-check-in with either a lockbox or with an electronic keypad.

Does the vacation property utilize full-time Property Management services?
You will be happier on vacation if you have some help with problems or questions about the area. Most vacation rentals are in a neighborhood or apartment-like complex. Choose a vacation rental that is run like a resort, with management and guest services available 24×7.

Does the vacation property get inspected just before arrival?
A blown light bulb or a leaky faucet are just some of the issues that can happen at any time. To minimize the impact these may have on your vacation, a properly run vacation rental must get inspected by the property manager just before guest arrival so that there are no surprise maintenance issues waiting for you. If you do encounter a problem your local manager should be happy to fix the same as soon as practically feasible.

Does the vacation property get inspected just after the guest’s departure?
It is not unusual for owners to hold a security deposit for any damages. Your vacation rental must be inspected within hours after your departure so that you as the renter are not responsible for damages that may happen after your departure.

Does the vacation property have ON-SITE Security?
Everyone wants to feel safe when they are in Orlando on vacation. Renting a vacation villa in a neighborhood or apartment complex-like property does not provide security for your family. Most people are coming and going from work or having friends over. Find a vacation property that is gated with security at the gate.

Does your room or vacation villa allow you to make long-distance calls?
Many rental properties do not have a central telephone system and they do not have the ability to bill you for long-distance so they have to block long-distance calls from being made. This means you would have to travel to a payphone to make a long-distance call. This is a small annoyance but something you don’t want to have to do while on your Orlando vacation.

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