Florida Cities that you must visit

Florida Cities that you must visit

You thought Florida was famous for Miami Beach and Disney World? Well you were wrong. There are so many other amazing and beautiful places that you can enjoy and really have a relaxing and restful vacation throughout Florida. Here we bring you 10 Beautiful Florida Cities you didn’t Know About.

1. Sanibel Island: You won’t find many buildings that are taller than a palm tree on Sanibel Island, and that’s because the city has taken careful measures to preserve the natural beauty of the area. The town is markedly devoid of fast food restaurants, which were banned, and even stoplights. So get ready to step into a world that feels totally removed from the norm.

2. Tarpon Springs: Tarpon Springs is a riverfront town with a historic downtown district and brick streets. It’s also heavily influenced by Greek culture — the Greeks began to immigrate there in the 1880’s when they were hired to harvest sponges — and as you walk down the main drag you’ll find authentic foods, like moussaka and baklava.

3. Santa Rosa Beach: is all white sugar sand and nestled along a 26-mile stretch of Florida’s Emerald Coast. It’s home to a unique artist colony, as well as the Point Washington State Forest, a 15,000-acre preserve, making this town one of those rare places where you can go from luxury to the rugged outdoors easily.

4. Delray Beach: Delray Beach was named the Most Fun Small Town in America in 2012 by USA Today, which probably has something to do with the busy downtown area. You can sip wine as you roam through a gallery art walk, or snorkel through a sunken steamshipduring the day.

5. Destin: Most people go to Destin for the unbelievable beaches, and it’s easy to see why: They’re quite perfect. Plus, there’s a fun (and free!) boardwalk to stroll on. If you’re looking for loads of outdoor action, Destin is a great spot to visit.

6. Mount Dora: Located more centrally in Florida, Mount Dora is a sleepy little town with enough charm to knock you off your feet. The historic downtown area is packed with boutiques, local coffee shops, and events like the annual art festival. If you’re in the mood for some southern charm, and wraparound porches, then definitely stop here.

7. St. Augustine: St. Augustine is America’s oldest city. It was founded by the Spanish and settled in 1565, and because of that it has a lot of history to explore.

8. Fort Myers: Certain areas of Fort Myers are more bustling than others, but the historic district is quaint and lined with hip bars, galleries, and plenty of trendy restaurants. The real highlight, though, are the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, both of which are still intact and worth a trip.

9. Clearwater Beach: Clearwater Beach is almost entirely made for visitors: There are boats that will take you on fishing excursions, dolphin sighting adventures, and you can rent your own jet ski or para sail to explore the Gulf of Mexico.

10. Apalachicola: For pre-Civil War era architecture and some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet, Apalachicola is a hidden gem along the Florida coast.

There are just hundreds of locations that you never thought existed. That is why we are always here to bring you new and exciting things for you to enjoy. Hope you have enjoyed this list of Beautiful Florida Cities you didn’t Know About. See you real soon!

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