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Imagine a fun-filled Disney World area Orlando vacation and make that dream a reality by taking advantage of our Lay-away program for your vacation rental. Are you ready to reserve your next Orlando Florida vacation rental in Emerald Island Resort but still looking for the most affordable payment option? Plan your vacation and pay for it slowly allowing you to make your Disney trip more of a reality than a dream! Take advantage of our Installment Lay-away Payment Program, which allows you to make installment payments on your vacation with no interest and no installment fees.

Emerald Island Rentals is pleased to offer our guests the convenience of making affordable payments on any frequency and interval they choose for an ultimate Orlando Florida vacation home rental experience. Most importantly, our plan puts you in-charge of your contribution to your vacation rental offering you the ultimate flexibility to rent a fabulous vacation home. Whether you are planning for a week in summer or a Christmas family reunion, you can use our convenient La-away Installment Payment Program (LIPP). Best of all, you pay NO interest or installment fees to take advantage of Lay-away Installment Payment Program.

How does our Lay-away Installment Payment Program (LIPP) work?

Our Lay-away Installment Payment Program (LIPP) has been designed to be extremely flexible to take the stress out of your vacation planning. With this plan, we can work with you to design an Installment Payment Plan works for you to rent a luxury Orlando vacation home. The payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can set the amount of each installment or the number of installments you need to pay for your vacation home. You can even decide on how soon you want to pay-off your vacation home rental balance. Best of all, we do not charge any installment fees or interest for your installment payments. With our LIPP, your trip will be paid-off in full prior to your arrival at your vacation rental. All you have to worry about is your countdown to a fantastic sun-filled Orlando Florida vacation in Emerald Island Resort!

  • January - Book your vacation and only pay the down payment of $500 to visit Orlando for Thanksgiving week.
  • Design your Lay-away Installment Payment Program. That's right! You choose how you want to pay for your vacation home rental. While the following are some example payment plan options, we work closely with you to design a plan that works for you and your budget.
    • Option A: From Feb - Jun, Pay 20% of the balance each month on a specific date.
    • Option B: From Feb - Sep, Pay 12.5% of the balance each month on a specific date.
    • Option C: From Feb - Sep, Pay 3.125 % of the balance each week on a specific day.
    • Option D: Starting Feb, make a $100 payment every week on a specific day until the balance is paid off.
    • Option E: Starting Feb, make $250 payment every two-weeks on a specific day until the balance is paid off.
    • Option F: Starting Feb, make $250 payment monthly on a specific day until the balance is paid off.

As you can see, with our flexible payment options, you can contribute to your vacation rental experience with any amount that you are comfortable with. With LIPP, there is no need to worry about mailing checks or remembering due dates. We will do all the scheduling for you and send you a copy of when payments will charged to your credit/debit card. We simply designed this to be a hassle-free and interest-free so that you can concentrate on planning your other aspects of a Disney area dream vacation. Our payment plans are worry free, hassle free, and most importantly INTEREST FREE!

Eligibility, Terms and Conditions

  • There is no additional charge to use the LIPP program besides the 4% transaction fee for using credit cards.
  • Final installment must paid 56 days before the arrival date, meaning with the LIPP, you are getting two extra weeks to make that last payment (in comparison to our standard Payment Terms).
  • All other booking terms and conditions of the Booking Request remain the same.
  • Valid only with credit card or debt card payments. Eligible for any balances of $750 or more.
  • Not valid for reservations made within 60 days of arrival date.
  • If the credit card or debit card gets declined for any reason, there is a surcharge of $20 per decline to cover the administrative overhead.
  • Guest is responsible for informing us of any changes associated with the credit card.
  • If any changes need to be made to the Payment plan after a payment is made, there is a surcharge of $20.
  • Payments made with LIPP are subject to the same terms and conditions as of a non-LIPP payment with the exception of what has been mentioned in this section.

Ready to take advantage of this amazing Lay-away Installment Payment Program (LIPP)? Simply reserve one of our fabulous Orlando Florida vacation homes in Emerald Island Resort Orlando. If you have any questions about our LIPP, please contact us at Emerald Island Resort Rentals.

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Guest Comments

Beautiful home - beautiful area! - Pumbaa's Magic
Peter Greaves of New Bedford, MA, Apr 06, 2017
An absolute beautiful and well maintained home just outside of the Disney parks and resorts. There were five of us staying and invited a friend of my daughters who lives in West Palm Beach to come up and join us for an evening. The house easily accommodated us! Lot's of local restaurants and even a grocery store all within a mile or so of the resort. Booking was easy and the whole process and experience was perfect. Thank you Sri, we will be back!
Our second stay here - Disney Magic
Linda Gray of Brunswick, OH, Jun 20, 2016
This is the second time we have stayed at this property in two years. We would go no where else as it holds our entire family comfortably and is minutes from the parks. The community is gated so we felt very safe. The decor is nice and the outside patio area is wonderful. The owner is always a phone call away and is very accommodating. I would recommend this property to anyone with a big family because it is so nice and much more affordable than 3-4 hotel rooms charged in a daily basis. We wi...