Shopping in Kissimmee, Florida is a Travelers Delight!

Shopping in Kissimmee, Florida is a Travelers Delight!

Known primarily for its proximity to Orlando’s major theme parks, Kissimmee, Florida is a mid size city with a small town feel. In fact, visitors to the charming city often have a hard time believing that it is in heart of one of the most popular tourist spots in the country-the Orlando metropolitan area.

Located just south of Orlando and the 192 Highway, for the residents of this laid back city, Kissimmee is a quiet island in a sea of activity.

But for vacationers who are intent on seeing the sites and having some fun, there is no better place to stay. Not only do tourists have easy access to all the top theme parks in Orlando-Disney World, Sea World, and Orlando Studios-but they can also visit the beaches, go golfing, or browse the local shops.

Believe it or not, shopping is a major attraction in Kissimmee, as many tourists and locals eschew the monstrous shopping centers and malls outside of Orlando and instead come to the quiet city for a relaxing day of shopping with friends and family.

What does Kissimmee offer? As you might expect from a small town masquerading as city, there are dozens of charming boutiques and antique stores, there are even a few modern shopping centers on the outskirts of the city. But those are mostly for people who don’t know any better. For the residents of the town and enlightened tourists, there is nothing like shopping in the downtown area.

That is why when people come to Kissimmee on vacation, they almost never return to the crowded, overpriced Orlando hotels again.

As we just alluded to, another reason to visit the city is the price. You can and should expect substantial savings on accommodations in Kissimmee when compared to downtown Orlando. While room rates are constantly changing and do depend on occupancy levels, you will likely see at least a twenty-five percent discount for rooms in the city.

With savings like these, it is not uncommon for visitors to go on mini spending sprees, which is one reason why Kissimmee shop owners light up when they see tourists. They know that they have money to spend.

Where to Go

One of the most the most popular stops for tourists and locals alike is Lanier’s Antique Market place. The business has been around for decades now and offers browsers an all afternoon experience with two solid floors of antique furniture, gewgaws, and curios.

Another great thing about proprietors in Kissimmee is that they are never looking to get one over on tourists. They know quite well that their businesses depend on tourist dollars, which is why they are always so helpful. When compared with crowded Orlando gift shops and shopping centers that are only concerned with sales volume and think service is something that goes on at gas stations, Kissimmee shops and stores are a refreshing change.

And after a long, relaxing day of shopping, why not relax some more at one of the fine restaurants in the area? Like most tourist towns, Kissimmee offers a convenient mix of upscale and casual family dining. As for ethnic food, the city has everything from Greek to Irish to Italian. But in spite of the fact that they must cater to visitors, Kissimmee residents still know their history, who and where they are, which is why much of the food in the city has a decidedly southern flair.

Lastly, if for some reason you want to visit the shopping centers, there really aren’t any huge malls in the immediate area. For those monstrous shopping centers, you will have to venture into Orlando. But beware! The crowds are carnivorous.

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