Why Travel Insurance is a Must for all Travelers?

Why Travel Insurance is a Must for all Travelers?

Do you think that travel insurance is a waste of money?  If so, have you thought of what happens to your trip if there is an emergency and you need to cancel the trip?  What happens when there is a natural disaster that adversely affects your trip? What if someone falls sick during your trip and need emergency medical attention?

The reality in the world is that very few people purchased travel insurance prior to 9/11, but unfortunately that calamity has awakened many to see the wisdom of travel insurance now. Travel insurance covers a myriad of items besides your trip itself. Often it covers your health, your luggage, your possessions as well as your trip itself. There are three undeniable reasons to purchase travel insurance. Most people list apprehension of losing their money that they paid for the trip, security aligned with the unexpected, as well as peace of mind.

There are a number of different kinds of trip insurance ranging from medical evacuation, baggage coverage, health insurance, and of course trip and flight insurance. The smiles and thrills of traveling can often be severely curtailed by any of those events, and thus that’s what travel insurance insures against.

Most people are more than aware of insurance against flight cancellation; however there are so many other reasons why you may need travel insurance. Imagine, if you will, having your medications in your carry on, but it’s stolen, thus you need to fill emergency prescriptions away from home. What if someone steals your wallet and passport? You will need emergency cash as well as a passport replacement in a hurry.

What if you are physically incapacitated through an accident or a medical problem that cannot be treated in the tiny island village you find yourself in and you need to be medically evacuated to a large hospital in a city? This also includes trip cancellation due to illness. Also, above medical evacuation to bigger and better treatment may not include taking you back home.

Read the insurance offers carefully to be sure. The thing that you may be saved from is being held hostage at a medical facility until you pay the bill. There are different laws to contend with when you are no longer in the United States.

Imagine what you would do if your tour operator, airline or cruise line declares bankruptcy while you are on your trip, you will need many expenses covered as well as being covered for your trip destination. Also there’s your return to home to contend with.

Do not purchase such insurance as offered by the operator, airline or cruise line though, for if they declare bankruptcy, chances are the insurance premiums will not have been paid either. Hurricanes often require evacuation from islands or coastline vacation resorts and stop many cruises from completing the cruise. You would need protection for that as well.

Although no one wishes to discuss this, it still passes through our minds when we consider travel terrorist actions. Granted you may not be directly involved, but you may well have to cancel your trip if you are attaining a vacation area that has received such terrorist action.

What about downright missing the boat? Although many funny such occasions are well documented in TV shows, and movies, the actual case is truly not funny. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, and thus being insured against such a catastrophe is a good idea. So, please keep these points in mind as you plan your Orlando vacation rental process.

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