Why Choose a Florida Vacation Rental Home Rather Than a Hotel

Why Choose a Florida Vacation Rental Home Rather Than a Hotel

Increasing numbers of tourists visiting Florida are choosing to rent villas and condos rather than stay in hotel rooms. Villa vacations are affordable, convenient, and afford you so much more freedom than staying in a soulless and impersonal hotel. You can also choose a villa that is in the perfect spot for you to explore all of the incredible sights that Orlando has to offer. So why exactly should you choose a Florida vacation rental? Here are some great reasons you could consider it:

1. You’ll save Significantly On The Cost of Food

We all know that one of the most significant outlays of any vacation is the cost of food: eating out for three meals every day can soon run away with money. However, if you’re vacationing on a budget you can save significantly by renting a villa rather than staying in a hotel room and choosing to eat some of your meals at home. Even whipping up a quick breakfast of toast and cereals every day will save you significantly. The restaurants and eateries around the most popular parts of Orlando also tend to get busy and crowded so it can be much easier to know that if you can’t get a table in a restaurant you still have a viable dining option at home. Finally, another added bonus is that if you’re traveling with children you’ll know that they can be very fussy about what they will and won’t eat and it can sometimes be difficult (not to mention stressful) to eat out with your kids. Having a villa with its own kitchen will help to alleviate some of this stress and pressure because you can cook what they want to their very specific needs. After all, happy children mean happy parents!

2. You’ll Have Your Own Pool

Florida is famous for being the Sunshine State: That’s because it receives over 300 days of sunshine every year. With all that sunshine and good weather, it’s likely that you’re going to want to spend some of your vacations relaxing by a pool. When you choose a villa vacation home you can choose a property that has its own pool. That means that you don’t have to fight with hundreds of other families to find a good spot around the pool: your family will have one all to yourselves. You can simply lay back and relax knowing that you’ll always get a sun lounger, and if you want a drink you don’t have to spend a fortune heading to the bar because your kitchen is just a few steps away!

3. You can relax After an Adventurous Cruise 

Each year thousands of people choose to spend some time relaxing in Florida at the end of their cruise vacations. For many Europeans cruising is a glamorous alternative to flying as a way to arrive in Florida in style: the memories of cruising across the Atlantic will stay with vacationers forever. Orlando is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a cruise vacation because you can set your own pace: you can either race around the theme parks or enjoy some downtime on the many beautiful white sandy beaches. A villa is a much better post-cruise proposition than a hotel.  After weeks of eating rich food and spending time in a floating five-star hotel, it can be refreshing to stay in your own villa where you are able to completely set your own schedule.

4. A Villa is Like a Home Away From Home

Finally, the best reason to choose a villa rather than a hotel is that a villa is like a home away from home. Instead of all being squeezed into one or two hotel rooms, each member of the family can have their own bedroom and their own space. You’ll be able to watch different things on the TV, have your own space, and relax independently: invaluable if you’re traveling with teenagers! You could even enjoy an evening in your Orlando vacation home with private pool once your little ones are in bed. Having your own villa means having your own freedom to have the vacation of your dreams!

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