Vacation rental scams – Know how to spot them

Don’t be a victim of vacation rental scams

Avoid vacation rental scams
Vacation rental scams are becoming as common as the vacation rentals themselves these days. Discerning travelers are demanding more features and facilities in their vacation accommodation and the only way to get something for the entire family without breaking the bank is by renting a vacation home. But, be warned of the scams out there. This article talks about how to pick the clues that the good deal you are about to grab is too good to be true.

Vacation Scams – How to Spot Them
Another great article that confirms that any deal “if sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” It talks about how travelers are getting scammed into paying back-end fees and other hidden costs added to their ‘good deal’.

Tips to Prevent Scams While on Vacation
Tips to Prevent Scams While on Vacation – Even if you’ve prepared everything carefully, scams could still happen. Here are some tips on how to safeguard your interests when on vacation – starting from the preparation of your trip to coming back home safe.

Scammers Using Real Vacation Rental Info
Ready to wire your hard earned money to a travel agent?  Think twice. Have you done your homework?  Were you able to talk to the travel agent on the phone?

10 Tips to prevent getting scammed when renting a vacation home
Here are very own top 10 tips to prevent getting scammed while renting a vacation home.

Watch out for vacation rental scams
Imagine: You’re planning a getaway for your group of friends, you find a great vacation house at an affordable price, you send a check and when you show up, you learn the property isn’t a rental at all! Believe it or not, I posed as a guest and faced a scammer who was ready to rent me my own home!

How to avoid vacation rentals internet scams?
Advice and tips on how to avoid vacation rentals scams over the internet.

The Craigslist Vacation Rental Scam
If we have not heard enough about scams using the free online classified site Craigslist to operate, there appears to be yet another one. It is called the Craigslist vacation rental scam. Don’t fall for it if Craigslist is the only post where you are able to see the ad for a vacation home for rent.

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