Florida’s Wineries

Florida’s Wineries

Florida is famous for word class attractions, which is what we all now. You may be surprised to know that it also has award winning wineries on vineyard grounds. Here is a snapshot of history…The Florida Grape Growers Association (FGGA) was established in 1923.  According to their site they were formed to ???serve farmers and hobbyists interested in growing grapes in Florida. Organized as a nonprofit corporation, the FGGA was instrumental in sponsoring research to develop grapes adapted to conditions in Florida.???

If you are a wine connoisseur or enthusiast or someone who wants to see something different in Florida, you may want to plan for your winery tour! You can make the winery tour part of your trip to visit the Orlando attractions. And, while you are planning that trip, consider staying in a Private Kissimmee Villa by renting direct from owners.


Traveling with children?  Check out the Florida Department of Agriculture for special child-friendly resources & activities.  Florida has U-Pick farms all throughout!  http://www.florida-agriculture.com/consumers.htm. Once you plan your activities, be sure to check our Family and Kid Friendly Florida Villas.

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